Review existing pensions


Review existing pensions

If you’ve lost track of your pensions, don’t know what charges you’re paying or what level of investment risk is being taken, then it may be time to review your pensions

Are you paying fair charges for current pensions?

Some older pensions can have very high charges, which could erode the value of your pension over time.

Other pensions offer attractive low charges, but may not offer you much in the way of choice and functionality.

We believe it’s important to strike the right balance, and ensure that you are receiving good value for money, regardless of the level of charges you are paying.

Your investment options could be limited

In particular, some workplace pensions could offer just a handful of investment options.

Many personal pensions offer a reasonable range of investment fund, sometimes extending into several hundred.

However, modern pensions can offer several thousand funds for investors to choose from.

We believe that broadening your investment options can help to make your money work harder for you, and is central to ensuring you receive value for money on the charges you pay.


Feel in control of your retirement planning

If you have several different pensions, it can be difficult to understand exactly where you are in terms of your retirement planning.

Bringing them together under a single pension plan could help you better understand your financial position, as well as cutting down the amount of paperwork you’re receiving.

However, some pensions can contain valuable features and guarantees, which could be forfeited by transferring them. This is why it is imperative to seek professional advice before taking action which could unintentionally cost you money.

Access the full range of retirement income options

When it comes to retirement, you now have the choice regarding how you draw money from your pension:

  • Annuity – a guaranteed income for life
  • Drawdown – a flexible income, which might not last for life.
  • Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum (UFPLS) – a lump sum withdrawal of part, or all of your pension fund.

Not all pensions will offer all of these options, by reviewing your existing pensions, we can ensure that you have access to the retirement income options that you need.

Pensions are a long term investment. You may get back less than you put in. Pensions are subject to tax and regulatory change; therefore, the tax treatment of pension benefits may change in the future.