James' pension contributions

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James' pension contributions

James is self employed, and keen to make use of his pension contribution allowances 

Pension advice

James found us via an internet search and called to arrange an initial meeting.


He was looking for a Pension Adviser in Swindon, to review his existing pension and advise on making further contributions.


Whilst James had an existing pension, which was being managed by another financial adviser, recent under performance had left him hesitant to invest a further lump sum into it.


James is self-employed, and is in the enviable position of having surplus profits within his business – therefore he was keen to explore investing a lump sum into a pension – this would reduce his Corporation Tax within his business (as company pension contributions would reduce his profits) and it would avoid him paying personal taxes on withdrawing those additional profits as salary and/or dividends. 


Pensions are a long term investment. You may get back less than you put in.
Pensions are also subject to tax and regulatory change; therefore, the tax treatment of pensions may change in the future.


Mortgage concept

Future advice for other investments

Whilst there are clear tax advantages in making additional pension contributions, James didn’t want to direct all surplus profits into his pensions.

Instead, he would like to explore other options in future years – such as:  
We are able to help our clients in each of those areas, and can offer advice on the correct structure to make them as tax efficient as possible, working with your other professional advisers, such as Accountants and Solicitors, as required.