James’ pension contributions

James’ pension contributions Home Client stories Client stories James’ pension contributions James is self employed, and keen to make use of his pension contribution allowances  Get in touch Pension advice James found us via an internet search and called to arrange an initial meeting.   He was looking for a Pension Adviser in Swindon, to review […]

Lisa’s Financial Planning

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Lisa originally got in touch for mortgage advice, but after that was sorted out, she also asked for our help with retirement planning and life insurances too.

Julie’s Pension Sharing Order

Julie needed a pension adviser in Swindon, to help her understand what her options were regarding the pensions she was now entitled to.

Debbie’s Final Salary Pension

Debbie wanted to make sure that her children could benefit from her pension on death, which isn’t typically the case for this type of pension.

Richard’s Retirement Planning

Richard had recently left his job, and after spending a short while not working, he wanted to understand if he could retire now.